Save upto 90% on Your International Roaming Bills while Traveling Abroad.

Why Use GlobalHello:
Are you tired of spending money on roaming bills?
GlobalHello has specially designed packages to suit all types of travel requirements that helps you save on roaming costs big time.

Perfect SIM for travellers who travel in multiple countries!
If you happen to travel to multiple countries, please use our Global SIM card. This card will work in 190 countries without you having to change your number everytime in each country you visit.
Now, how is that possible? GlobalHello offers Calls Back & Call through services on most of the networked countries. When you make a call directly from your phone, the call is directly put through by us without any intervention. This is called a "call through" service. However, should you wish to save on costs, please use our "Call back" service option and enjoy even much lower rates!

For Vacation Travelers:
Our country specific SIM cards are offered with multiple plans specially designed keeping your requirements in mind. Which not only saves you money but also keep you connected with you loved ones.

Who is our customer?
Simply, anyone and everyone travelling abroad…… Be it deputation or a short term assignment; be it a Frequent Travelers or a Businessmen, we cater to all your travel needs. We are a one stop shop.

Global travelers need a simple, fast and a reliable way to stay connected. GlobalHello offers an established solution in mobile connectivity wherever you travel.
In just a few clicks, GlobalHello offers reliable roaming solution through a single SIM to a multi-carrier global network, permitting secure access to all business information and personal data.
If you have an unlocked smartphone, tablet, or mobile hotspot, all you need is the GlobalHello International SIM to get connected. We also offer a combo Voice, Text & Data solution in one package.

You can also opt for GlobalHello MIFI device and connect upto 5 devices at a time and enjoy data at attractive prices.

GlobalHello's SIM Amazing Features

Global Roaming SIM Card , Country Specific SIM Cards & MIFI Data Cards:

Saving Against Roaming

Receive & make calls at low price in popular holiday and business destinations.

Call, Text & Data

Leave your data roaming switched on when you travel and browse the web from your smartphone.

Online Account Management

You can check your postpaid usages, pay your bills online and update account profile in the convenience of your home.

190 Countries

With GlobalHello International Prepaid/ Postpaid SIM card you enjoy the connectivity in more than 190 countries.

Instant Topup

Add credit to your GlobalHello Roaming account or register your credit card for automatic top-ups.

Country Specific SIM Cards & MIFI Data Cards

Stay connected using MIFI devices & data cards when you're abroad.

GlobalHello International SIM Card


Global Roaming SIM Card

If you plan to travel to multiple destinations, you can subscribe to our low cost Global SIM services and enjoy seamless connectivity in 190 countries. Save on International Roaming. After all, it’s your hard earned money.

Country Specific SIM Cards

If you plan to travel to a single destination, we suggest using GlobalHello Country Specific SIM cards. Free incoming calls and competitive rates for outbound calls keeps your communication costs low and affordable.


Data Cards/ MIFI Devices

Worried about losing out on sending an important communication while on the move? Worried about the exorbitant data bills?? We have a solution for you. Opt for GlobalHello data SIM card. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Use it with your tablets, laptops or even your phone and get on-line in 120 countries at rates that will keep you smiling forever. Just check the size of the SIM card required for your device and relax.

Global Roaming SIM Card

Get our prepaid international SIM card to save 90% on international roaming charges while traveling in 200+ countries. Forget about paying extortionate international roaming costs when you use your phone while travelling internationally. The GlobalHello SIM gives you free international roaming in over 90 countries and cheap international calls while you travel. Save up to 90% on your mobile calls while you overseas.

More benefits of an International Prepaid SIM Card -

  • Control on your International Roaming expenses
  • Free incoming in most countries
  • Recharge online from anywhere
  • Calls, Texts & Data Roaming
  • 24X7 Customer Support

Country specific SIM Card

Get a local prepaid SIM card delivered to you prior to your departure, ready for use when you arrive. Our convenient GlobalHello country specific SIM card include cheap calls, texts and mobile internet. With our add-on Call Forwarding service, we can also divert calls that are made to your usual number to your new SIM card, so you always stay reachable.

More benefits of an International Prepaid SIM Card -

  • Control on your International Roaming expenses
  • Free incoming in most countries
  • Recharge online from anywhere
  • Calls, Texts & Data Roaming
  • 24X7 Customer Support

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